Monday, November 1, 2010

Six Free Cartridge Gypsy Download is now working

I was picked to download the updates this weekend and it failed.  None of the cartridges loaded.  In order to get the 6 cartridges you will need to download the beta version of Cricut Sync.  Some of you will have the Cricut Sync program if you have the Imagine.  You will still need to download the update for the Cricut Sync program.  I added the link below for the directions.  After I rebooted my Gypsy, while it was still connected to my PC, it hung for a long time.  If this happens, do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to end the program.  I rebooted my Gypsy and the new cartridges were available.  Just an FYI for everyone.  :)

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njgramma said...
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njgramma said...

Thanks for the link... I have updated my Gypsy and all went well. I can't wait to start playing :)