Friday, December 24, 2010

Snowman Cake!

Here is my second attempt at using the Cricut Cake machine.    I ordered the Cricut Cake Mini from JoAnn's on Black Friday for $99.  I will be using the small one more often than the big one, it is much easier to use and I don't think I will be making many cuts that require the larger mat.  So, if any of you are considering buying the Cricut Cake, I would say go for the mini.  

I used the Snow Friends (2009) Cartridge and the Cake Basics Cartridge.   I used gumpaste and fondant for all the cuts.  I rolled the gumpaste/fondant on the mat and then put it in the refrig for a couple of minutes before I started my cuts.  This seems to help to make the cuts more crisp.

I cut the snowman at 3 1/2" and the snowflakes at 2".  Next time I cut anything with a face or other little lines I am going to use the Gypsy and hide the marks. I used the edible markers to make the snowman's face.

Sorry for the bad pics, the color in the pictures looks a little funny.  The fondant looks dirty around the edge of the cake, but it really is white.  :)


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Staying Crafty said...

This looks adorable! I got the full sized Cake machine for $99 and haven't played with it yet. Thanks for the tip about the edible markers for small parts!