Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!! - Be A Tree Hugger!

Happy Earth Day to everyone!  I got out the Give A Hoot cartridge to make a simple card.  I also used the Green Stack Paper Pack which is 70% recycled paper. 


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

iBirthday MacBook Card - Perfect for the Geek in Your Life

I am a techie and I learned long ago to embrace my "geek-ness".  lol  I have always had a PC, but I am slowly going over to the dark side.  I have added a MacBook to my computer collection and I just purchased the iPad (which I love). 

For my husband's birthday I wanted to make a card that looked like an iPad, but I was short for time.  Here is my take on a MacBook Laptop card.  I used the George cartridge to make the laptop and I made a SCUT file for the inside greeting.  I created the Apple logo using an svg file I found on the web and used the Inkscape program to get a "cut-able" image.  Then I cut it using Sure Cuts A Lot.  The inside reads "Happy iBirthday".  Just a fun card that us geeks could get a little chuckle out of .  I will probably make it again and try and jazz it up a bit.  :)

Thanks for looking!

Here is the inside

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