Friday, July 30, 2010

Gumpaste Daisies and Fondant Mat

It has been awhile since I have posted anything.  I haven't felt really "crafty" lately. Way too much stuff going on over here.  :)  We had a week break from the Wilton class, but we were back on today.  I'm so glad too, I needed my stress relief.  Making stuff with fondant is like playing with Play Doh for adults.  lol  
Edible Color Markers

Tonight we made gum paste Daisies and Mums.  I think this was the easiest class yet!  We also played with the fondant embossing mat's which they sell at Michael's.  We had to cover our cake board with the fondant.  I guess they use the covered cake board like a cake plate??  I am really not sure how I will like the way it will look with a cake on top of it.  One thing that our instructor suggested we might use is Edible Color Markers.   (The link is to Amazon, but they were cheaper at Michael's.)  She said to let the fondant harden and then fill in the embossing.  I don't think I will be using the covered cake board for my final cake next week.  But, I think I will be trying out the markers.  I'll post some pics after I'm finished.

So here are the pics of the cake board and the daisies. 

Daisies - I like them :)

Here is the covered cake board

Update:  Colored Fondant Mat

The markers work great on the parts that were raised.  The tip of the markers are not thin enough to fit inside the indention.  I didn't color inside the lines, but once I got started I had to finish.  :)  I went a little crazy with the colors.  lol  Here is the pic:

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