Friday, December 10, 2010

BLOG CANDY WINNER .... Miss Nancy!

I used the random number generator at  and Nancy is the winner of the Winter Frolic cartridge.   I'm sure she will create some great winter projects!

Another giveaway is coming next week, so check back.  :)

Thanks for playing!!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

MPS Birthday Challenge - BLOG CANDY

Robyn over @ has a challenge going on right now.  To enter you must make a birthday card, layout, 3-D item, gift, etc!

I used the Birthday Bash cartridge.  I used the Card function and made a Hippo card.  If you then press the shift key you get a layer for the card.  I am beginning to like this cartridge. It was fast and easy.  The card function is nice.  This way you don't have to go into DS and weld the two sides together.  The only complaint I have is that most of the images are for kids.  

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Winter Frolic Cartridge!  Go HERE to enter.  I'm picking a winner at NOON tomorrow, December 10th.

Here is my plaid hippo :)

Here is the inside

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Digital Coupons - Smart phone users

I am the ultimate "Techie Chick" so I have a iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and several other electronic devices.  :)  I hate my AT&T service, but I love my iPhone 4.  For all you out there with smart phones the craft world is slowly but surely going digital.  Joann's now has an iPhone app!  The nice thing about it is the digital coupons!  So no more printing out a bunch and keeping them in the car and trying to use one everyday.  Well, that might just be me.  :D  Anyway, if you don't have an iPhone the emails from Joann's also have a link to use mobile coupon codes.  You just have to show the code to the cashier. 

For my iPhone friends here are a couple of other cool apps:

Macy's - also has digital coupons

Groupon - Daily specials in your area.  Anything from spa treatments to wine tasting.  Digital coupons.

Talking Carl - He does not really do anything, but he makes me smile.  : D

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Cricut Cake ....Finally out of the box

I finally unpacked the Cricut Cake!  I decided to try the Rock Princess cartridge for the my first Cricut Cake.   I used Betty Crocker's Super Moist Cherry Chip cake mix and baked it in 9" Wilton pans.  I spray my pans with PAM for Baking and then sprinkle flour in the pan and shake it until it covers all the PAM.  This works well for me, my cakes just pop right out.   I used the cake leveler to even out both layers.  I frosted the cake with Betty Croker Vanilla Frosting to do a crumb coat.  I let it sit in the refrig while I make my cuts with the Cricut.

I used the frosting sheets that came with the machine.  The directions say to cover the mat with shortening.   I used a brush and Cisco white block shortening.  I placed the sheet on the mat and put in the refrig for about 5 mins.  S/N:  It says you should be able to see the brush strokes through the sheet.  You can and they never go away.  If anyone has some suggestions to make that go away, please let me know.  You can see it best in the "DIVA" cut.

I realized that once you make a cut on those sheets you need to use up the whole sheet.  There is no easy way to pull off the rest of the sheet and save it for later.  I did try, but they dry out fast and get hard.  After I cut "Too Hot 2 Handle"  I cut the "Diva" phrase too, just to use up the rest of the sheet.  It cut well while it was cold, but when I tried a third cut, it starting ripping.  

After I pulled the cuts from the mat, I put them all back the refrig.  I used a gumpaste glue to put the layers together.  New problem:  You can see the glue through the sheet.  You will see in the pics.  If anyone knows what else I should use to "glue" the layers together I am open to all advice.  :)

This was a very long post, but I wanted to make sure I pass on all the good stuff I learned.  : D   Here are the pics:

Vanilla Frosting layer

Fondant layer 

You can see the gumpaste glue

It broke :(

Even after it dried you can still see the glue

I cut a 1" strip to go along the bottom

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