Sunday, May 22, 2011

Babycakes Cake Pops Maker Review

When my friend sent me the link about the Babycakes Cake Pop maker I HAD to get one.  They sell them online and at Kohl's.  I ran right out and got one at Kohl's.  It was $29.99, but Kohl's always has sales, so it will probably go on-sale shortly.   I thought I would share my first experience with the machine and maybe get some tips from others who might have one.

I did read a few tips on several message boards before I started, but clearly not enough, LOL.   I read on one of the MB that you should use the Pancake Pen (Williams-Sonoma) to add the batter to the machine.  I already had one so I used it and it did work very well.  I used a Duncan Hines White Cake Mix.  The bottle held almost all of one box of cake batter.

The directions say not to fill up the "hole" all the way.   I followed directions and did not fill them up all the way.  SN: the machine gets VERY HOT so use an oven mitt to open and close the lid.  I cooked them for 4 mins.  Here is what the first batch looked like.

More like half of a cake ball lol

Second batch I filled them up to the top.  Here is the second batch.  Better, but still not a perfectly round cake ball.

A little overflow

Third Batch, I used more batter and they turned out much better, but still not fully round.  Mine did not look like the picture on the box.  ;p

Fifth batch.  I filled them up as much as I could.  You have to be fast because they start cooking as soon as you get the batter in.  You can see the top ones already spreading.

As you can see overfilling does not work either.  lol

You can not just pop off the overflow, the balls break apart.

I did some more research tonight and found out that you have to turn them at about 3 mins.  Since I cooked mine for 4 I think I will turn them at 2 mins.  It comes with this "fork" that is meant to get the cake balls out of the machine.  I guess it is for turning them too.  I am going to give it another try and just turn the machine over and see if that works.  lol   If not, I'll try the fork thing.

I did like the ease and quickness of the making the cake balls.  As well as how many you can make from one box of cake mix.  I am going to give it another try and see what happens when I turn them.  Hopefully I will get a better result.  I think you can still use them if you insert the stick on the "not so smooth" side.   I will post pics of the second attempt soon.  :)

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