Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cricut Cartridge Organization Solution

I am determined to get my office/craft room organized!  I have moved on to the Cricut cartridges.  Over the years I have tried several different ways to store/organize my Cricut cartridges.  I have searched across the web and found a few blog posts that looked promising, but nothing that really made them easy to find and keep tidy. I even tried a couple of the ideas, but nothing seemed to be a good overall solution.  I believe I have found a solution….yay!

I found these storage bins at Michaels awhile back, but the price deterred me from buying them.  But, I finally broke down and bought a couple when they were 50% and there was an additional % off coupon.  They came out to be around $10 a piece after all the coupons.  When I got them home I found I did like them and how they stacked.  With Black Friday sales coming up, Michaels might have them even cheaper.  Here is an online link if you just want to check them out.

After I got all the cartridges in the bins, I created an Excel spreadsheet to keep an inventory of them.  I also printed out a sheet for each bin that I will tape to the inside of the lid, so I can easily see which cartridges are in the bin.  Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet for the bin:

After I printed it out I added some card stock to back and taped it to the bin.

I added them all into a Master spreadsheet, screenshot below:

So far, this is the best solution for me.  ;)

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